Website V1 and the Great Migration

I figured this would be a fitting place to start the migration…

The site you’re currently reading this post on is actually the fourth iteration in a long and unremarkable journey in front-end and CMS development. If I were to add some commentary, it would be that you have to start from somewhere. I hope my humble progress helps inspire you to create (or improve) a site of your own 🙂

Website V1 (close to verbatim)

My computer tells me I first created the folder for the website on January 5th, 2012 at 3:22 am, which is plausible. I don’t remember the exact timeline of this “website” but I think it took about four days from beginning to end. I started with Google (as I do for most of my projects) and was likely overwhelmed by tutorials that required learning HTML/CSS. I stumbled across a YouTube video that showed you how to turn a Photoshop template into an html page (not that I knew how to use Photoshop), and decided that it sounded friendly enough. Now, looking back, this is likely not the route to take unless you plan on never updating you site. But, it worked for what I had in mind.

The image was taken on the corner of 42nd and Broadway at around four in the morning (I had nothing better to do then stay out late and bike around with my friends in high school). I used it because I thought it looked nice. In Photoshop I diced it up and exported it as HTML:

The picture above isn’t the exact file from the layout in the first picture but hopefully you get the idea. Each box could be linked to a page (via GUI), and thus basic site navigation was achieved. The pages were little more than images with text on top (although the cinematography page had an embedded video from Vimeo and the photography page had a link to Flickr). After each page was created and linked it all got pushed to the web.

So that’s one way to go about building a site. I would not recommend it. But, it allowed me to make my content available to the rest of the world, a still extraordinary idea.

I may have skimped on the the “technical” details, but this post is now more of a reminder than an actual project. I would love to keep a version of this site live so that you can click through it however, I seem to be missing many of the source files. I’ll be sure to add it if I ever find them.